Professional Roofing Maintenance King County, WA

SafeGuard Roofing LLC recommends bi-annual roofing maintenance, to ensure your roofing system is in it’s best condition and able to endure the next big storm. Not maintaining your roof can lead to expensive wood replacements, mold, stained and failed ceilings, and much more. So when it comes to your roof, the best choice is to call SafeGuard Roofing LLC and schedule your past-due inspection. We’ll make sure your roof is in tip-top condition, so you can have peace-of-mind during the next run of bad weather.

Metal Roofing Maintenance -

From metal roof damage to working around solar panels, you can count on our team to provide fast, quality roof repair. We have been serving the Kirkland, Washington residents for over twenty years now and plan to keep our pristine roofing reputation at its peak. With thousands of satisfied customers to back the reputation we are so proud of today, we strive to treat each customer as if they are our only one, and each roofing job as if it were a job in our own home. We are family-owned and locally operated in the Kirkland, Washington area and offer services such as roofing repairs, roofing replacements, re-roofing, and brand-new installations. Whether your Kirkland, Washington residency needs a roof replacement from age, damage, or choice, investing in a new roof is well worth the cost and can save you money in the long run. Give our team a call today for all of your roofing needs.










TPO Flat Membrane Roofing Maintenance -

Our team provides a multitude of services including but not limited to TPO roofing leak repairs, roofing estimates, TPO replacement, TPO residential, and TPO commercial roofing. SafeGuard Roofing LLC is a leading roofing contractor in Kirkland, Washington, and provides top-notch service. Our team is experienced, insured, and knowledgeable, but also displays the utmost level of professionalism to every customer. Friendliness and respect are a top priority to us when serving our Kirkland, Washington community. From TPO roof replacement to TPO roof repairs, we can do it all. A quality roof is the pinnacle of a sturdy home that's well-protected and, not to mention, looks stunning. With the assistance of our efficient professional roofers, your expectations will be exceeded. From full replacement to minor repairs, our commercial roofing experts can help. We offer a diverse range of commercial service offerings and guarantee our work.







Roof & Gutter Maintenance -

One minute everything is fine, the next minute there is water pouring into your Kirkland, Washington home. Whether it was caused by inclement weather, an animal, or a tree falling on your home, you need to get your roof fixed fast and professionally by SafeGuard Roofing LLC. Roofing emergencies in Kirkland, Washington, occur most often when the integrity of your roof is compromised and the outside weather, usually water, begins to make its way inside your property. Our roofers who have been servicing Kirkland, Washington for over twenty years can help assess the scope of damages or potential weaknesses that should be addressed to protect your property. Our roofing repair specialists working locally in Kirkland, Washington, will be familiar with most situations and will have a solution to deal with your problem, both short-term, and long-term.


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